We have become a cog in a wonderful machine

At Pinch, we’ve made it our mission to give our clients access to new, untapped pools of talent, and to buttress their balance sheets by leveraging fixed labor costs. As a result, Pinch has opened new doors to revenue and growth for many of our users, and in some cases helped stave off the prospect of shuttering operations.

One growing client that gained firsthand experience of the value Pinch can provide is Chicago-based venture holding company, L Street Collaborative.

During our time working together, we were able to un-silo resources across L Street’s stable of holdings, and we found many synergies in the way we operate. As a result of our experiences working together, I am pleased to announce that they have decided to acquire us.

This acquisition will have several benefits for our users:
  1. With our newly expanded sales & support team, we’ll be bringing in more and more enterprise clients who will pay a premium for access to your specialized talent.
  2. The cost for the little guys is going down. Instead of a 3.5% transactional cost, it will be reduced to 2.5%.
  3. We will now offer a subscription model whereby you can choose specific employees, and guarantee yourself a set number of their labor hours per month.
  4. Oh, and we have a shiny new Slack bot :)

Pinch will continue to be independently operated by the core team, with the support of our new corporate overlords.

Jim Haas
Founder & CEO of Pinch

P.S. I would like to thank Ulrich Otto, Max Schulze, Marc Maleika, Nate MacLeitch and the amazing mentors, investors, and users who helped mold this belief into something tangible.
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